Bakehouse Foods ownership is made up of Four (4) strategically aligned families who have years of experience in the food industry. The families
each have an equal ownership in Bakehouse Foods, bringing a unique and valuable skillset to the company. Each family operates under its own
LLC: GL Foods (Jack Guerra & Sam Lacaria), George Holdings, LLC (Anthony, Robert, Rodney, Lenny, Scott & Michael George), Jobeto, LLC (Anthony
(Tony), Benedetto (Ben) and John Galbo) and H2H, LLC (Angelina, Salvatore, Gina, Madlyn and Anne Campione). Each LLC represents a 25%
ownership in Bakehouse Foods, LLC.


A partnership between Jack Guerra Sr and Sam Lacaria. Jack’s father, Gus Guerra is credited to be the founder of Detroit-Style pizza who in 1946 started Buddy’s Rendezvous, sold to his then partner and later opened Cloverleaf Pizza which remains a Detroit pizzeria icon.

Because of their long-standing success in the pizza business, Sam Lacaria approached the Guerra family to begin franchising Cloverleaf Pizza carry out restaurants. Currently the company has seven (7) additional locations and growing.

In order to stay with current trends and the family’s need to provide healthy alternatives to traditional pizza crust, Jack set out to develop a gluten-free pizza to offer to their customer base. After multiple attempts, Jack finally landed on a gluten-free crust that closely mimics their traditional crust and is vegan, with no allergens or preservatives. Jack and Sam decided the crust needed to be sold nationally and formed GL Foods, LLC. Sam began looking for strategic investors to commercially manufacture the gluten-free crust and because of their long-standing history in the pizza category and the huge breakthrough in developing a gluten-free crust that actually tastes good, they have attracted their current partners to invest in Bakehouse Foods.


Focused on making long-term investments in manufacturing, logistics, technology and real estate. It’s ability to respond quickly to new opportunities stems from decades of experience and a nimble structure. The company’s entrepreneurial roots date back to 1950 when its founding chairman, Michael George, grew a single milk delivery route into one of the largest privately owned dairy manufacturers in the midwest. Today, the company’s diverse portfolio of businesses shares common characteristics across a variety of industries, including food manufacturing, chemical manufacturing, third-party logistics, parking facility management and commercial real estate.

Robert (Bob) George is one of the executive managers at Bakehouse Foods. Bob has an extensive career in food and beverage manufacturing and has been one of the key members in assembling the Bakehouse team and developing operations.


Formed by three brothers, John, Ben and Tony Galbo, primarily for the purpose of making investments. Their combined years of experience and expertise allows the company to be strategically aligned with various industries. John is a thirty-three-year sales and marketing professional in the field of electronics, Ben has over thirty years in sales, software development and implementation and Tony is a twenty-nine-year veteran to the food manufacturing and distribution industry. Tony is the president and CEO of American Specialty Oils and the company will prove to be a valuable oil supplier to Bakehouse Foods. Tony also brings many relationships directly aligned to the pizza industry and he will be actively involved with the sales of Bakehouse products.


Formed as an investment business for the Joseph Campione family, Angelina (mom), Anne, Sal, Madlyn and Gina Campione. Their father, Joseph Campione was an Italian immigrant who in 1960 started a baking operation that grew into one of the largest in North America. The family continues to build upon their father’s legacy and their experiences and relationships in the baking industry are well respected and far reaching to the many retailers and food service operators. The family’s combined talents in sales, marketing and manufacturing are a valuable asset as Bakehouse partners.


In 1946, pizza wasn’t being served at many places in Detroit, but soon many took their first bite of what is now famously known as Detroit-Style pizza when Cloverleaf founder, Gus Guerra and his wife Anna (Passalacqua) first introduced her mother’s recipe – the thick crusted, square pie topped first with a layer of cheese followed with a layer of tomato sauce – at their first bar, Buddy’s Rendezvous. Gus Guerra sold Buddy’s in 1953 along with his pizza recipe and purchased Cloverleaf Bar in East Detroit, now known as the City of Eastpointe. Cloverleaf has grown from a small neighborhood bar which Gus described as looking like “a little white farm house” into the Eastside institution it is today.

Since Gus Guerra introduced the square pizza to Detroit, many establishments began making the square pizza but it has been said this original recipe is “The one everyone copies but no one equals.” To this day, Buddy’s Pizza credits Gus as the founder of Detroit-Style pizza.

Throughout the years, Cloverleaf has received many awards for their famous pizza, including being named one of the Top 3 pizzas in Detroit and taking home the 1st place North American Pizza Pizzazz™ honor in 2009. In 2011, Cloverleaf received 1st place at the International Pizza Challenge in the Non-Traditional category in the region. Most recently, Cloverleaf received an award as the number one pizza in the county and number 26 in the United States.

Gus’s tradition of Detroit-Style pizza continues through his son and grandsons. Jack Guerra and his three sons, Agostino (Tino), Jack Jr. and Joe run the families five Cloverleaf carry-out and delivery locations. Sam Lacaria, also a partner in the Cloverleaf pizzerias recognized the growth potential in the gluten-free category and challenged Jack Guerra Sr. to develop a gluten-free pizza crust. Jack with his 50+ years of experience in the pizza industry went to work to create a gluten-free pizza he could offer to their customers. Jack experimented with several types of gluten-free flour, creating, to his surprise, a high quality, delicious gluten-free pizza crust that closely mimics the original Detroit-Style pizza recipe made famous by his father. Jack and the Cloverleaf team offered the gluten-free pizza to their customers and the response was overwhelming. Demand for the crust increased and overall store revenue rose after the introduction of the gluten-free crust.

Jack Guerra and Sam Lacaria decided the crust needed to be available to the mass market and Bakehouse Foods was created. Bakehouse Foods was incorporated in 2018 to offer Cloverleaf’s gluten-free, vegan, Detroit-Style pizza crust to wholesalers, retailers and foodservice accounts in North America. The principals decided it would be in the best interest of the Company to secure its own facility and equipment due to the proprietary nature of the product and process